Thoughts on 2 States


I knew what I was getting myself into when I decided to go and watch 2 States.
I knew it was the exact adaptation of Chetan Bhagat's book.
I knew what others had to say and the reviews it would get.

But I watched the movie and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Yes, it did get a bit boring after the interval, but I didn't get my phone out of my bag to check Instagram even once. 
That's good, right?

I don't care if there wasn't more to the story.
I hadn't read the original book, so I honestly didn't know the minute to minute flow of the entire story.

Yet again, we all knew that Duke would eventually accept the small car and that they would get married and the oh-so-mean daddy would be a part of the actual wedding and whatever.


I hadn't watched a movie since ages and was in no mood to watch a complicated movie and sit and think and analyze.

So 2 States worked for me.

I think almost everyone has already watched the movie, but in case you haven't then do see it.

Click here if you're as lazy as me and want to see the show timings.

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