An Afternoon At AOI

If you're looking out for a place that serves authentic Sushi, then Aoi is NOT the place for you.
In no way does that mean that I did not enjoy the food there.
I'm usually not the fussy kind when it comes to Sushi, you know.

Aoi is a quaint little place in Bandra that offers a different version of the Japanese cuisine.
To be honest, the first time we went there, the food did not impress me at all.

That was mainly because I didn't really know what to order.
This time, however, I knew what I wanted.
And that is exactly what I ordered for.
Result ?
Happy Customer !

We started off with the Assorted Sushi Platter, which included 3 different types of Sushi.
It makes more sense to order for a platter when you want to eat everything, you know ?!

"No Mom Waiiiiiitt, let me take a decent photo firrrrrrrrst"

Too Late !

 Next, we called for the 'Chilly Prawns Tempura Bento with Home Made Teriyaki Sauce'
This is definitely something that I would call for again.
It was a bit on the sweeter side because of the teriyaki sauce, so those of you who prefer something spicy can try out the other Bento Boxes.

Then came the LOX - Smoked Salmon with Cream Cheese and Cucumber.
This was my favorite. 
I absolutely love Salmon and this seems to be the staple whenever we go out for Sushi.

Sunny Days.
VERY sunny days.

Good food, especially good sushi, makes me VERY happy.
If you plan on going to Aoi for dinner, I suggest you book a table in advance.
Its quite a tiny place with very few tables and tends to get full at night.

I wouldn't recommend trying out the mains here, simply because they did not do any good for me.
The food is basically a fusion, so it may not work for everybody.

Although I liked the food this time, this may not be my favorite Sushi corner.
I would any-day recommend going to Kofuku for real good Sushi.
Its right opposite Global Fusion, which I find really funny.
K beats GF, OK ?!

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