Arriving at Leh, Ladakh

You cannot imagine how good it felt to leave Mumbai and head for Leh.
I can easily admit that this has been the best decision that I have ever made.

Never have I ever seen such beauty around me.
I'm basically not a nature-lover, but I was simply awestruck when I touched base in Leh, Ladakh.

Life in Leh is SO different from life in Mumbai.
I was a bit skeptical before going, but it would be a thorough shame had I not gone.
To miss out on such an opportunity would be foolish.

It took us a VERY looong time to reach there, but it was worth the wait.
You forget how tired and sleep-deprived and hungry and grumpy you are as soon as you reach the Leh airport.

This was the view from the airplane.
Everyone was stretching out of their seats to catch a glimpse of this magnificent scene. 

The photo below is that of the hotel that we stayed in.
True to its name, the hotel was indeed 'Spic and Span'
We got a suite, which was very clean and equally spacious, so I was very happy.
Mainly, the bathrooms were very good, which if you know me, is a very important criteria.

I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone planning a trip to Leh.

Our cars picked us up from the airport and took us straight to our hotel in a record time of 10 minutes.
Chai and Biscuit had never felt so good after being gobbled down.
I knew it would be cold there, but everyone had a different opinion about the degree of coldness.

Since I've been there in May, I can clearly state that it was VERY cold !

Since everyone had already told us that we shouldn't really exert ourselves too much on the first day, we happily took their advice and slept flat on our faces for the longest time.

Once the sleeping beauties woke up, they finally headed for lunch and then left for Sight no. 1

Leh Palace.

 Now, I have to be honest.
The place looked pretty ordinary from out and as soon as we entered, we saw that the place looked really bad.
Ruins everywhere, there was hardly any light with tiny doors leading to more darkness.

This place could easily pass of as a haunted castle in one of Ram Gopal Varma's movies.
But again, the view was spectacular.
So, its not a totaaaaal disappointment.

I don't even know who photo bombed who in this photo.
This doggie was clearly very happy with the paparazzi.

All the dogs in Leh are really hairy and fluffy creatures.
Its not even funny, you know, how cute they look.

I finally found a spot where the doggie wouldn't TRY to block my view.

 I was like a typical tourist there.
Photos of all food/doggie/flowers included.

The next place was 'Shanti Stupa'
Now this, was beautiful.
The atmosphere was so calm and so serene that you can just sit there and do nothing at all, besides take in your surroundings.
The sun had already set by the time we reached there, so there was a sharp chill in the air.

 These are apricot flowers.
The fruits come out only in autumn.

The picture down below was taken with the intention of showing you how large the place is.
You feel so small and infinitesimal compared to the monuments and mountains there.

We decided to make a movie when it started to get a bit dark, but just in time to see the place light up.
Tiny red and orange lights outlined the place, making the place look heavenly.

The only problem with the place was the foul smelling bathroom.
Now, this wasn't a problem only here.
Every single place that we went to, had terrible bathrooms, but more on that later.

It was the perfect end to the perfect first day.
After a very long time, I was actually excited to go to sleep so that I could witness more of Leh the next day.

More about the next few days, in the next post..

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  1. varsha nagrecha21 May 2014 at 00:16

    Wow Piyu! U summed it up beautifully.....

  2. lovely, couldn't stop giggling at the dogglie part