Dinner at Cafe Zoe

So you remember the time when I said I may not travel such a long distance to eat at The Sassy Spoon again, Ya Well, I'll happily travel all the way to Lower Parel for Cafe Zoe.

We went there for dinner, and the place was absolutely packed.

The place was set up beautifully with tables, couches, a bar area, a desert counter, book shelves, a type-writer, bicycles and some more tables on the upper floor.

The whole place had a very rustic feel to it.


Most of the people on my table ordered for different variations on the Mojito. I went in for a non-alcoholic strawberry one. Mine was loaded with ice, so I took a loooong time trying to make sure that I don't end up swallowing it.

We started off with Bruschetta for appetizers, along with fried potato wedges. 

You can never go wrong with the basics, eh?!

For the mains, I opted for the Smoked Salmon Salad, since I wasn't that hungry. But.. honestly.. I wasn't really happy while eating it. The portion was too small, and was pretty bland except for the sharp pungency of the mustard. Definitely will NOT order for that one again.

We also ordered for the Lemon Coriander Chicken, which was absolutely amazing.

So amazing that I don't have a photo because no one had the patience to wait any longer.

Cottage Cheese Steak for the vegetarians.

For dessert, we opted for the Flourless Chocolate Cake and the Chocolate Orange Marzipan Cake.
The flourless cake was better of the 2, hence, I ate 2 more of those.
(Don't worry, I ate one out there and the second one I parceled and ate it at home the next day)
So now you know which one I liked.

Cafe Zoe is a great place to go out with friends or family or even if you plan to go alone.

It does get a bit noisy with all the glasses clattering and hysterical laughter from different tables, but.. it definitely makes people happy.

Do check out this place at least once, and let me know how you liked it :)

You can check out their website here, or you can follow them on Facebook and  Twitter.


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