Monastries And More..

Juley !
That means hello in whatever language they speak in Ladakh.
So, the second day was as exciting and thrilling as the first. Maybe even more.
It was freezing cold, and being the wimpy kid that I am, I had piled on layers and layers of clothes.

Breakfast of Champions - Check
 Enough Tea to suffice for an entire village (5 cups to be precise) - Check
Morning Glory Photos - Check

All Right, we're ready to roll!

First stop, 'Magnetic Hill'.

So, you may think that this is just another ordinary road -

There's more.
This is noooo ordinarry roaaadd, my friends..
Its a magical road.
Haha, not really.
They say this place has some magnetic properties or something.
You park your car at a particular spot and then it moves automatically.

So that obviously makes everyone really excited, right?
Just me then..

These are some of the most wonderful people I met there.
We traveled together and had SO much fun.
And yes, we were all girls.
So I think that just made it all the more better.


Next was the 'Alchi Monastery'.
By the time we reached there, it started raining like crazy so I left my camera in the car.
But I did manage to get a few pictures to show you.

Yes, that's me just staring at the water..

Anyway, we finally left from there after what seemed like forever,
and went to see the Confluence of the Indus and Zanskar river.

So beautifuuuul..
These places don't even seem real.
You can actually see the 2 colors meeting.
And also, don't miss the sky.

 Meri Ma Heroine !

Crazy wind, spoiling my hair.

We were dying of hunger by the time we reached.
So, we decided to eat at the lone place that served food there.
I had maggi and black coffee.
And when I went to the man who was collecting the cash, he just looked at me and tripled the price of the damn maggi.
I just stared in horror, but didn't know how to argue with him.
And that, my friends, is how I got duped.
So in case you ever decide to go to this place, BEWARE!

Also, I just want to make one thing clear.
I'm not wearing the same clothes that I had worn on the previous day.
For some reason I had packed all my black basics in my bag.
And I had taken only one coat, since it was so heavy and I didn't want to pay for extra baggage, okay?!

Just in case you're one of the cheeky kinds, you know..

Unfortunately, this is not all that I did on the second day.
There is more.
But this post was getting really picture heavy, so I decided to split the post.
More on that later.

See You All !

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