The Goan

Not many of you may know this, but I was actually born in Goa.
Thus, wherever I may travel, the one place that will have my heart forever is Goa.

Unlike every year, this time we decided to drive down.
Even though it may not have been the best decision, we still managed to make our memories out of it.

It was a long long looooonnng journey, and by the time we actually reached there, I was exhausted.
I somehow managed to have a shower and put on some pretty clothes, but as soon as I reached the shack, the fatigue set in. 
So, I had to head back to my room and call it a night.

I was beyond excited once I woke up and rushed for breakfast.
Once I got back, I was even more excited and rushed for lunch.

We had the mandatory First-Day-Lunch at Brittos.
Its a given, you simply cannot start your trip without making your first meal one of Brittos.

Now this is the place that I dream of every year, although I have to admit, they've reduced their portions.
But the food tastes the exact same every single time you go there.
I honestly can't find any difference between the food that I ate there this time and and what I ate five years ago.

As soon as we settled down, the food just continued to flow in.
This may not come as a surprise, since we all clearly look like the family who enjoys their food.

We ate at Brittos thrice during the entire trip, and the seafood platter was ordered for every single time. TWICE.
They can never go wrong with it.
Incase you have a thing for seafood, and have not yet tried out their platter, then PLEASE DO SO.
I promise you'll like it.

       Mr. Crab 

Fried Pomfret.

Cooked perfectly. 5 stars !

 This looks like Grilled Mushrooms and then you have Cheese-Cherry-Pineapple, surrounded by massive ice cubes and  one happy man eating it all.

Daddy dearest decided to go veg and so he ordered for some Spaghetti with onions and mushroom cooked in a rich white sauce, which tasted spectacular.

Unfortunately, I don't have a photo to show you, but vegetarians will surely like that.
The other things that don't have a photo but you should try include the Chicken/Prawn Xacuti,
a separate plate of Baked Crab that you should eat all by yourself and not share,
the Lemon Tart and the Blueberry Cheesecake.

Apple Pie.
It was OK.
Nothing great.

Irish Chocolate Mousse.
The photo looks really bad, but this was the best amongst the desserts.
Definitely something that you should try.

 A very ugly photo of the Good Ol' Caramel Custard.

I don't even remember what else was ordered since we were so many of us on the table.
But the food was fantastic.
Brittos has and will always be my all-time-favorite.

The rest of the day was spent at the Snip's Salon and Spa.
(More on that in the next post)
Dinner time was chaotic. 
Long story short, we tried to go to FIESTA, but it was absolutely packed since it was band night and they had someone called 'Will and The People' playing there.
It was past 11 at night, people were hungry and cranky and so we went back to Brittos.
Yes, you heard that right.
Lunch and Dinner at Brittos
Now you know for a fact that its my favorite place.

More about the next few days in the next post.


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