Oh, June!

Its June.
Its my birthday month.

First week into this month, and I've had some fun as well as horror-stricken moments.
And so.. I thought of sharing some of these happenings with you.

At the start of the month, I came in contact (literally) with a very unusual species.
It so happens, that mom and I were in town and decided to grab a coffee. Moshes was just around the corner, and so we zeroed down on it. The day started pretty early in the morning, and so I wanted to go.. and splash some water on my faceeee.. and brush my haiirrrr and so on. As soon as I entered the washroom, and began with the entire routine, a humongous white colored cockroach decided to perch itself on my foot. It was the biggest and strangest cockroach I have ever seen in my life. Since, you know, I'm not one of the bravest girls, I somehow managed to fling the cockroach away and threw open the door with all my might and ran to my mother who found my predicament rather amusing.
I began my whining as soon as I spotted the janitor, who refused to accept the fact that a cockroach could enter the washroom which he had supposedly 'just cleaned'.
Like we don't know how THAAAT happened, mister.

Ok, this isn't about Owen Wilson or anything related to the movie.
This, is about MY internship.
I finally started interning and I'm rather pretty pleased with myself.
Yes, it is exciting and Yes, the traveling is killing me one day at a time.
It has also kept me hoping and praying that I get super toned legs or something, you know, since I'm walking like crazy.
I spent like a total of 5 hours in the bus on my first day itself, which leads me to the next story.

Yesss, you guessed correct.
I started traveling by train.
Not that I'm happy about it, because you know, who likes waiting and getting pushed into as well as out of the train simultaneously together and listening to annoying ladies laugh and chatter when all you want to do is smack everyone's face left right and center.
But then again, who likes sitting in an air conditioned bus which freezes every bone from your body and takes you from the longest route possible and makes you mentally so numb that eventually you don't feel like even moving a finger.
If you know me, you would also know that I'll try to use ever single excuse from my book of excuses to avoid taking the train.
But now, if I voluntarily decided to go by train on the second day itself, then you can imagine what I must have gone through during the bus ride.

So I decided to take the train to avoid the hassle.
I just don't know how long I'll be able to survive since I cannot even stand the thought of sticking to a lady who perspires faster than I can take my next breath.
Not that there's much that I can do about it though.

Some situations compel you to do something that you would normally never do. It all just adds to the never ending list of experiences. I've learned that everything may not always go according to your plan. And there is absolutely nothing that you can do about it besides changing your plan. If your not alright with that, then you'll have to avoid doing that thing altogether.

Its not a permanent situation, you just have to wait for a little while. Of course, for some that 'little' might turn out to be 'a lot'. But the situation will definitely change. If not now, then later. You just need to have some patience.
Ok, maybe a lot of patience since you're living in Mumbai.

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