Tasting Menu at Bungalow 9

I've never opted for a tasting menu before this one. So I was pretty excited to try it out this time.
We were choosing between a number of restaurants before we finally narrowed down on Bungalow 9.

At first I was like, 'Ohmigod! How am I supposed to eat 6 dishes?!'
I always thought that I would get like the entire plate from each course, like one whole bowl of soup and one whole bowl of salad and then then the appetizer and the mains and blah blah blah.

BUT, when the first plate arrived I was actually disappointed.
The portions were so small, and because of my solid love for food, I wiped off each plate in 5 minutes or less.
We started off with drinks and were asked to order one dish from each course at the start itself.

First Course:
They start off the tasting menu with an Amuse Bouche. 
For those of you wondering what that means, its a bit sized dish that the chef gives you. 
You basically cannot choose it. I ate mine in 0.20 seconds.
We were basically given a tart with sweet and spicy sticky corn. 
Nothing to 'AMUSE' about.
 Haha! Geddit?

Second Course:
We went for the Bungalow 9 Special Chicken and Potato soup. 
It came in like ridiculously small cups, thanks to which I managed to wipe it off in 3 sips.
I couldn't get a picture, but it was pretty good.

Third Course:
Time for some salad, my friend.
Next, Shix went for the Bungalow 9 salad.
Lettuce, walnuts, cherry tomatoes, pear splashed with Dijon Mustard.
Honestly, I hated it.

We could choose from only 3 salads, so I opted for the Couscous and Chickpea Salad.
Couscous and chickpeas with lettuce coated in a spiced olive oil and lemon dressing.
Nothing really exciting.
I should have just called for the good ol' Caesar Salad

Fourth Course:
Here, we were to select our appetizer.
The options were pretty good, I called for the Arabic Spiced Chicken Skewers with Tzatziki
Unbelievably moist chicken with the spicy Arabic dressing.
One of the best dishes I've had in a verrrrry long time.
Vegetarians can try the Hummous Bowl or the Dimsums.

Shix ordered for the Wok Toss Prawns with Crispy Iceburg Greens in Garlic Basil Sauce. 
These were like 2 huge jumbo-jet king prawns, which was good too.
But I liked my dish more.

Fifth Course:
Time for Maiiiiinssss.
I called for the Risotto with Mushroom and Corn.
This was vegetarian, and still great.
Not the greatest though, just great.

Shixie's plate looked much better.
Grilled Chicken with Fries and House Salad.
If you ever go out and don't know what to order, then just call for some Grilled Chicken. 
It never disappoints.

Sixth Course:
My favoriiiiteeee - Desert.
Here we had 2 options, Caramelized Biscuit Ice-Cream or a Chocolate Fondant.
Yeah, we chose both. and another one which wasn't in the menu.
The photos don't really do justice, but the food was amazing.

For those of you wondering how we managed to eat all of this, let me explain.
The portions were really small, because of which we had no problem eating it all up.
The food was honestly delicious.
But we were disappointed because it all got over so fast.
Tiny plates don't satisfy hungry hulks like us, you know.

Bungalow 9 doesn't offer a tasting menu by itself.
We went through Gourmetitup, which I definitely suggest you sign up for.
Its a website that allows you to try such menus in different restaurants -  and its definitely worth it.
Its free of cost too, in case you were wondering.
You can check their website here and tweet them here.

Bungalow 9 was good and I'll definitely go back. 
However, I wouldn't go back for their 6 course menu.
It makes more sense to go there for a regular meal.
But its worth a trip, if you want to try out something new.

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