Birthday Weekned Snippets

I thought of sharing some pictures from my Birthday weekend with you this time.
I'm a true blue Cancerian by heart, who prefers a low key, family+close friends kind of celebration.
I know most of the people my age spend their birthdays dancing away and making merry.

But that's just not me.
One of the most important things in my life, which most of you may have already figured out, is Food!
You can see a radical change in me, once I've eaten well.

So it was pretty evident that I would spend my entire birthday weekend simply gorging on food.

The first 3 photos down below are from the things my sister made and surprised me with.
Shes basically multi-talented.
And doesn't know it yet.

As soon as I came back from office on Thursday, my mom convinced herself and me that the Birthday celebrations ought to start, even though my birthday was on Friday.

So we put on pretty clothes (shiny golden skirt for me, since I was the 'Birthday-Girl') and tried to tame my messy hair, gobbled down a packet of chips and made our way to Haibo.

Poor Dad was exhausted, since we dragged him directly from work.


Mommy, looking as ravishing as ever.

Don't mind my Lobster.
        The concept of Haibo is very different, which is good. You can basically choose from amongst 3 to 4 options of a seafood/vegetarian platter and then select the type of broth you like to go with it. 
They then place it in a hot pot on your table, and let the assortments simmer away right in front of you.

Its a lovely place with an unusual concept. As far as I know, they only have one branch in Juhu. But its definitely worth a visit.

We somehow managed to go home before the clock struck 12. 
We always bring in our birthdays together at home as a family.
Its like our little ritual.

 Cassius decided to gift me with, wait for it, ONE MINUTE OF HAPPINESS.
Yes, he actually let me cuddle him for one wholeeee minuteee.
Which, if you know him, is quite applauding.

My actual birthday started off by hogging on the previous nights cake.
Few of the sales had started on the exact same day, so we spent more than half of my birthday wandering through different shops, browsing through countless clothes and drinking copious amounts of coffee.

After what seemed like ages, we finally headed back home to change, only to venture out yet again.
Another place that was on my wishlist for long, but I never managed to go to was SingKong.
And so we decided to go there.

This is a terrible picture, but the others are worse.

I was happy because they serve Japanese food there.
I love Japanese.
I love Sushi.

 We obviously ate more, but I didn't click more photos.
Thats one thing that I hate about myself.
I don't click many photos and then repent.
So I'm going to make a conscious effort to be more of a shutterbug.

Banoffee Pie.
I always wanted to try it, so this time I did.
It was nothing great.

Mom, did you like it?

Our food-filled adventure continued till the next day.
We were invited for lunch by our extended family.
We narrowed down to Pizza Express, since people have been raving about it.

This was like one of the largest meals I've had.
We started off with salad and then went on to chicken meat balls.
Then came some tiny bread like balls with different sauces.
Then came 5 different types of pizzas and then we had those same bread like balls with Nutella and then came the complimentary cheesecake.

I was like 'bready satisfied'


Too afraid that my birthday was coming to an end, we made a quick plan to head to Villa 69 for dinner.

The service was pretty bad, food was decent and ambiance was good.

All in all, a great end to my birthday.

I've realized that the best way to spend my birthday is by making the most of it.
I prefer doing multiple things and like having something to look forward too.
 I felt like I made maximum memories this time.

PS: Thank you everyone, for all your lovely wishes and mostly for your presence.
Shix, I absolutely loved every single thing that you did for me.
Thank you Mom and Dad for spending all your time with me and treating me like an absolute Princess.
Thank you Pupi, Pupu, Dadi, Kina Di, Tejas Bhai, Khush for a splendid afternoon.
Thank you Roma, Zain and Vinay for always being there for me.
I love you Cassy.
And I love everyone reading this post.


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