Life Lately..

I'm having some problem formulating a decent introduction this time, so please bear with me.
I haven't uploaded a post for quite a while now. So naturally, there are quite a few things that I haven't shared with you as well.

Now, that does not mean that I've been partying away and globe-trotting and gobbling down food left, right and centre.
Infact, the last few months have been nothing short of boring for me.
Yes, I did go out of town, but that was once. I didn't click sufficient photos to write a post.

For those of you interested, I am currently doing a Professional Makeup and Hairstyling course. I have done one before, but wasn't satisfied with their teachings. So, I decided to do this one to give me the confidence to make each and every one of you much more beautiful than you already are.

Coming back to the post, I've compiled some photos which I just found on my phone.
Its all pretty random and not very exciting to see. 
Hopefully life after this should be much more exhilarating, so I'll probably have something much more interesting to share.


     Candid Bunnies a.k.a Pi/Pissin and Shi/Smashing

                    Err.. Terrible photo of my ginormous burger at Indigo Deli.
                     Crispy Chicken with something something.

Grumpy Approved

So that's what I was eating. An amazingly juicy/yummy/filling burger..
And that's Bunny No. 2's plate, some tiny pieces of fish since she was on a diet.
Evil-Sister Alert !

 Bunny no. 3
 He has a wobbly tooth. Isn't he the cutest thing, EVER ?!

  Close Up.

    This one's funny.
      I'm cleaning my makeup brush here.
       I look haggard.

        My Model for the Day.
          Smashing.. looking smashing as ever.
Uuuuh.. This was me when I, was the Model of the Day.
It was nice since Bharat Godambe was glamming me up himself.
Celebrity Makeup Artist doing my makeup for free. 
Like, soooo normal.

Me as a model yet again.
I was the supposed 'Reception Bride'

"Mooche ho, toh Nathulal jaise ho.. warna na ho"
This was during Dad's Birthday. We had a Mustache Party.
Sooo hilarious. I have like a pout-gone-wrong.

Squashed Puppy, Happy Me !

Ganesh Chaturthi Posin'

Instagram Snippet of me taking a selfie.
This was only because Aniket took the longest time to get ready.
So I almost had an entire hour to kill.
What else is a girl supposed to do, huh..?
Also, my front camera is terrible, as you may have already noticed.

One of my meals at LPQ.
Don't remember what it was.
Next Please !

Hot Dish of the Day!
Mommy Pie.

Standing in the Sun with our Sunnies Stashed On..
You can't get a clear view of the shoes that I'm wearing here.
But they are the most amaziinngg pair of golden shoes.


Hurray for Coffee !!!

Colorful Me, looking the exact opposite of how I felt.
This was at the Udaipur Airport. At around 6 in the morning.
Also, you can see Dad behind, who almost ran away from us to avoid being included in our little photo session.

We walked and walked and walked here at the Kumbalgarh Fort.
All we did was walk. And this is what was waiting for us at the far end.
So mad.

So we clicked some 'natural' photographs.

 We stayed at Kumbalgarh, which was absolutely splendid.
We woke up to greenery and birds chirping away.
A stark contrast to what we see here in Mumbai early in the morning.

We celebrated mom's birthday at the City Palace in Udaipur.
It was a 2 hour drive from where we stayed. 
We reached there and saw where the kings and queens slept.. Their washrooms.. One handicapped King's washroom.. Where one Princess committed suicide.. Where the king stood and threw coins for his praja, and so on.
Sooo wonderrfuul.

My coffee and Dad'd beer.
Incase you were wondering what we had there at the palace.

See, these are the only decent photos that I had from my last holiday.
As you may have noticed, my life has become very boring.
But I am on a mission.
A mission, to be more fun.
How am I going to do that, you asked ?
I don't know. Please help me someone.
Please show me the way to the fun side of this world. The side where there's lots more food and people who can whip up a great dish in minutes and where dogs dance and bags are not so expensive.

Currently, there is an alarm blasting off on my phone which is telling me to drink water.
I think I should just give in.
See you soon.
Pray that there's somethning fun happening in my life to talk about.
Haha, bye :)

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