My Valentine

I always wondered about what people did on Valentine’s Day.

I for one, have never celebrated nor wished to celebrate it.
Do you go out for a casual lunch, a romantic dinner, or a crap movie?
50 shades of Grey, maybe?

So what is it exactly, that makes the 14th of February, any different from the other 364 days of the year?

A Gift? Naah..

Suppose I were to go out and meet a friend for lunch/dinner/coffee or whatever on some other day, but stay at home on Valentine’s Day; should I be upset and ponder over how life would have been if I did have a Valentine?

It’s the 21st century, people (Just in case you didn't already know that)
EVERYONE is influenced by movies, whether they accept it or not.
 So it’s but natural that you may feel like telling that one friend of yours, who just cannot shut up about her V-Day plans, to well, SHUT UP, if you’re going to be home without any plans.

I mean, which girl/lady wouldn't want to be the treated like a Queen by her man on that one day, even though he may treat her in a less fancy manner throughout the year right?

Its that ONE.OVERHYPED.LABELLED DAY - Valentines Day.

The other day, while I was mulling over my Valentine-less life, I came across this image on Instagram

All of a sudden it occurred to me, that there was SO MUCH that I already had; and thinking about my lack of a Valentine was such a trivial issue.

To those of you who are Valentine-less on this coming 14th let me just tell you that you’re in for something MUCH BIGGER and MUCH BETTER.
You just need to give it some time.

Also, to those of you who actually do have a Valentine, HURRAY! Go enjoy yourself and please be grateful.

For the longest time, my mother gifted my sister and me something or the other on every single Valentine’s Day.
We didn't need a gift, we needed someone to show us that we were important and loved and that’s exactly what she did.
Not through that gift, but through the thought.

We all have someone in our life, who is much more important than a Valentine.
A mother, father, brother, sister, friend, best-friend, pet, or anybody for that matter – they aren't you’re Valentine, but they’re there for you every single day of your life, making you feel important and loved.

Whether you are the strong-willed, independent single woman, or the completely-in-love blissful woman, or the heart-broken sobbing woman, you all have people out there who genuinely care about you. 

This Valentine’s Day, go out with your friend or your cousin, or even better, go out by yourself.
See the plus point, imagine the amount of money you could actually save by being Valentine-Less.

I’m probably going to go all by myself for Roy on Saturday; I may even treat myself with a second cup of coffee or something.

Do whatever you please, but always remember that you ARE loved more than you know.

Now try to feel the squishy hug that I'm sending you through the screen.

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  1. Haha ! The amount of money u can save :P
    Different perspective, nicely written.
    Enjoy Roy !

  2. the one thing i liked is that you are valentine-less too.
    koi toh hai meri biradari kaa.
    probably now you may have one.