Wedding Season

Its December. There's something about this month that just makes me happy.

The Wedding Season begun, and I had a few photos to share with you.

I wouldn't consider myself to be particularly fond of Indian Weddings tbh, but I do love the whole process of running around like a headless chicken hunting for clothes and spending hours trying to tame my lion's mane which it nicely situated on my head.

Aaah ! What Fun..

This year, we managed to go for a lesser number of functions than we normally do, but hey ! I'm not complaining. 

But actually you know what, however much I crib about weddings, it makes me happy too mostly. Not always though. (Haha.. Not going to lie here )

So finally, I hope all you lovely couples have the best time now and you  get all the happiness you deserve !

Now, let me go and see where I can stash all these 5 kg suits !!!

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