Crackers topped with Flaky Salmon and Cream Cheese

This recipe is my latest obsession. 
I've made it a couple of times, and I think I've finally narrowed down on the perfect style.

Super fresh, satisfying and utterly simple, these beautiful Salmon bites act like the perfect appetiser to impress all your guests !

I've tried cooking the Salmon in different forms, but I preferred just slightly cooking it on a high flame for a couple of minutes. Feel free to smoke it or bake it or serve it however you please.

Salmon Fillet
Cream Cheese
A few sprigs of Dill
Crackers (feel free to swap for toast)
Olive Oil

Start off by marinating the Salmon with Salt, Pepper and Olive oil. Let it infuse for around half an hour in the refrigerator. Later, place it on a non-stick pan and let it cook for around 3-4 minutes on both sides.
Once cooled, cut into thin slices or just shred it like I did due to lack of patience.

Place the crackers on a serving tray and spread the cream cheese all over it.. You could also mix the cream cheese with roasted garlic to give it more depth. If you know what I mean !

Place your thinly or haphazardly cut salmon on and start preparing yourself for the best thing to have happened to you all day. Hopefully !

Garnish with Dill 

Some Capers

Et VoilĂ !

This is undoubtedly my new favourite go to meal when I'm feeling fancier than usual..
I hope you try this recipe, because this most definitely is ridiculously easy and yet cool..

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