Feeling So-So at The Pump Room

  Yes, there's a lot of food that we can see here, because I ate a lot. So what?

So TBH, I hadn't heard of this place earlier and I probably wouldn't have checked it out if it                                                                wasn't for my aunt, who let me tell you, was all praise for it!

I'm not sure if our opinions would be in tandem with one another's, but nevertheless, bottom line is that I didn't leave the place mid-meal which is always a good thing (unlike MiSoHappy)

So they brew their own beers, and even though I would normally die of thirst on a desert rather than drink beer, I did drink beer here. Not beer, Cider.


We were allowed to sample 4 types of Beer, names of which I've forgotten.
We went for Apple cider, which not gonna lie, I did love actually.



Started of with a hugeee portion of Lemony Calamari. Loved the quantity, didn't love the dish itself.

Chicken Fajita Quesadilla 
This was a tad salty, but good nonetheless.



Okay, the Pizza was the undoubtedly my favourite. 

We went for Cajun Chicken, with bell peppers and onion. If you go there, you have to call for this first !


I'm not sure if these were Beer-Battered or Corn-Crusted Shrimps. 
Whatever they were, they most definitely weren't pleasant. 
So.. No.


This was some Tandoori Thing, which let me just throw this out there, was recommended to us, and let me throw even this out, was nothing great.

Chicken kebab, which I could get from Hypercity, Prawn something which I didn't get to taste, Mutton kebab, which I refused to taste, Fish something which was not good, Kali Dal which was terrible. 

Overall, so-so.
Would I go back?
Probably not.. But ! Never say never.

And in case I did go back, I would most definitely call for the Cider. And the Pizza. And maybe I would try out the Cosmos Diavolo Wings..
Crap! I should've ordered.

However, I would still say it's a nice place to go to on a Sunday probably.. 
It's in Andheri, look it up on Zomto..

See you !

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