What Happened at Brewbot

There's hunger and then there's gluttony. When it comes to food, the glutton always wins. Or loses, rather?

You've had the same food before, probably even better, but.. you know that greedy red coloured midget that somehow walks into your head at the age of 6, I'm guessing, and acts like he runs the show from then on, and you're suddenly convinced that you have to eat all that you read on the Buffet menu. Yeaah.. He did it!

More so, even after the meal I shamelessly allowed myself to venture into the 'I-Should-Have-Called-For-That-Too' lane. 

Tell me this is normal so I don't feel like an absolute gourmand!


So anyway, typical Sunday in the Nagrecha household - contemplating whether we should stick to our Gujarati roots and eat Sunday-Special Dal Dhokli or go out for a fancy Brunch scene. 
Fancy brunch scene won this time, but eventually turned into I'm-so-hungry-give-me-anything lunch scene, leaving none of us surprised.

The initial plan was to go to Olive Bar and Kitchen, which made my growling stomach even more ravenous. Mom and I rushed back inside to get our finishing touches done, while Dad was on table-reservation duty. Much to our dismay, the place was booked for some private party. Hmm ! We clearly didn't have an invite.

Then arose the dreaded question. Where do we go now?
I don't remember the intense discussion, but we finally decided on Brewbot. 

Aah.. Looking at these photos, I think it's safe to say that I must have put on a kilo or two that day.

This was some Burger with the weirdest potato stuffing. 
I have no clue how Dad actually called for it, since it clearly said it had a JalapeƱo Jam like thing, and he absolutely hates spice.

Needless to say, it was pretty terrible.

I thought I was making the plate look artsy.. Turned out quite messy though.. 
Anyway, I had the most amazing Ceaser Salad, Baba Ganoush, Tabouleh and Pita Bread..

Charcuterie and cheese. Everyone's favourite, yes?

 Thin crust Margheritas, undoubtedly my go to pizza for when we just gotta satisfy those notorious cravings, you know.. Just in case anybody was wondering.. Haha !

 Potato Gnocchi in a Spicy Paprika sauce.. 

Sickening Beer Battered Calamari with Lemon Aioli, which I ate up in maybe 5 minutes #NoShame.

Mushroom Risotto, which was okayish.. I could've called for the Fettuccini Carbonara instead, but you know me. 


Stout and Chocolate Brownie with Hot Chocolate..

This was a Blueberry, Caramel and Chocolate Pannacotta, which honestly I didn't like..

Apart from this, we called for waffles and pancakes, which were eaten before I could take a photograph.
Also, Chicken Rotolino whose photo I had to leave out, since it looked beyond unappetising but tasted pretty good surprisingly.

Unlike The Pump Room, where I actually tried out their in-house freshly brewed Apple Cider, here I didn't really feel like trying any of their beers. I believe the Skywalker and Black Mamba were good. 

You can try it out if you go there and let me know how it was.

I've been here twice and both times for their Sunday buffet. So in case you'll are looking out for a laaazy Sunday afternoon, filled with lots and lots of food, and friendly staff (not that anyone goes there for the staff, unless you'll have your favourites, you know) then I would most certainly recommend Brewbot.

My only advice, go there early so you'll have enough time between all those courses :)

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