My Knotty Tales

I LOVE YOUR HAIR, they say. I just smile in return. Not wanting to start my tale of woes.

If you know me personally, you may know about my long and tumultuous relationship with my hair. Why, you ask ? Because looking back at all my attempts to savage it, the said history is pretty funny.

My hair struggle started since I was in school. When our last bell would ring and we would all queue up to get the hell out of that place, I would wait patiently for the girl in front of me to move ahead, continuously staring at her 5-hours-long-neatly done up braids. There I was, with my 60% frizzed up hair, rebelling to free itself from my own 2 braids.

I was too proud to put oil in my hair then. Now, 7 years later I try and oil it at least twice a week. Man ! How the mighty have fallen.

I think I can safely say that I used to lose more hair in a day than any dog could shed his. 

I tried mehendi when I was in school. I remember my mom putting it in my hair and instructing me not to move around. I sat in that same chair for 45 minutes, not wanting to get all that smelly green stuff everywhere. I had long and thick hair at that time. So with all that mehendi weighing down my hair, we had to keep it all on top of my head. It was so heavy, I felt like some one had placed a mini mountain on my head. I continued to sit, but gave up on the entire mehendi application soon. It just wasn't working for me.

I remember a friend telling me once, 'Ooh! Your hair looks like Ram's hairdo'
As far as I can recollect, I laughed it off. I won't be surprised if I actually snapped back at her or something. 
I was going through 'that angry teenage phase', you know. I know you know. You went through it too, okay!

I had straight hair as a child, which turned wavy as a teen and now, in my twenties, we know what's happening. It's starting to turn curly. 

I don't even remember when and how I learnt to use the hair iron. Needless to say, it was pretty early. I would wake up an hour earlier at times, just so that I could at least iron my fringe before junior college.
Take note, that means I would get up at 5ish at times..

My mom is a hairstylist, so I obviously tried rebonding my hair. It was great at first, but then my new hair would grow at such a fast pace and sooo viciously curly, that I couldn't stand it. That's when my loyal hair iron came back into the picture. 

I've also been really fussy with my hair styles. When it was wavy/curly, I wanted to straighten it. When it was straight, I wanted to curl it #GirlProblems.

By now, the hair iron was my BFF. People around me were obsessed with their phones, and I was simply obsessed with the iron.

I also tried Sistine and Keratine and everything for that matter. It was good, because my mom would do my hair with so much love and hope I think. Thanks mom !

But then dealing with my hair was just a Herculant task..

Despite having Follihair tablets and all that jazz, my hair fall also didn't reduce. I blamed it on stress and pollution. I still do. It's all I can do actually. 

I've tried all sorts of natural remedies too - CURD, STINKY OIL, BANANA, AVOCADO, BEER, SPINACH, ORANGE PEEL and other such edible matter. I remember this one time when I had to wash my hair thrice in that one day to get all that banana out of my hair. I was desperate to save my hair.

I washed it once but could still see all that sticky banana in my hair once I was out. So I went looking for my domestic help to try to get it out. All that banana was still clinging onto my hair. So we again went and asked my sister this time. We managed to get most of it out by now. 
Needless to say, my dry hair was all the more dry now.
Lesson learnt, don't ever use banana in your hair. That obviously didn't stop me from using spinach the next time though. I told you I was desperate.

So now I'll tell you about the currently situation, yeah.
I oil my hair like twice a week now. Also, guess which oil I'm using.
I think we just tread back to our roots in the end, you know. My mom bought three oils from his collection, Almond, Amla and Kesh Kanti. So I mix all three of them and go on to further add that Aromatherapy oil which Deepika Padukone endorses. I trust Deepu and Ramdev..

I also eat well (which I have always done) and I also exercise and I've also started brushing my hair (which I never liked doing because I would always wrestle with my stubborn hair and then lose and then I would have twice the amount of hair falling)

I also have a lot of belief in the Hair-Gods, you know. They'll see my dedication and efforts.
Well, I at least hope they do.
All we need is zee patience !

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  1. Hahahah piyu it was fun to read your blog and i understand the struggles you go/going through regarding your hair. I am going throught some of my own and it's a pain to deal with it. Looking forward to read some more of your blogs. Keep it up ��